I Audi
IAA 2015

The power of four.

The stand-alone brand space dedicated to four key themes: Audi Sport, Audi quattro, Audi Technologies and Audi ultra is a unique combination of information and experience. In place of a traditional convention booth, a multimedia experience space invites visitors to discover the brand with all of their senses.

The temporary three-story structure was constructed on an area of 70 by 55 meters on the central Agora square of the exhibition grounds. In all, more than 200 kilometers of cable were laid and nearly 700 square meters of LED surface installed.

Audi Experience Walk

Visitors enter the building through a course dedicated to the four key themes. Innovative presentation formats appeal to all senses, from the quattro ice room at 21 degrees below zero Celsius to a holographic window.


Main exhibition

“The power of four” is presented on four enormous media screens, each one with a real car mounted on the screen, and moving to interact with the virtual story told on the screen beneath it. Lighting, media and movement present each car in a constantly changing and developing story to illustrate each of the four key themes, picked out by a roving compass needle in the center of the hall.


Case film


Concept development and creative lead (communication) for the 2015 Audi showcase at the international motor show in Frankfurt.


Client: Audi AG
Agency: Mutabor (concept & communication)
Architecture: Schmidhuber (concept & architecture)

Media planning: TFN
Motion Design: Zoar, Aix Sponza, cwdesign
Digitalism: IXD Lab
Photography: Andreas Keller, Dojo

Credits Mutabor:

Executive Creative Direction: Axel Domke, Patrick Molinari
Project Management: Johanna Bähner
Creative Direction: Oliver Dering, Gerd Hermes
Art Direction: Johannes Brückner, Steffen Vetterle
Design: Lukas Diemling, Sarah Goßner, Julia Görlitz, Emanuel Haas, Annika Hörlein, Hojin Kang, Sung Hi Leem, Andre Nakonz, Leo Wenker, Gabriel Wüstner
Production: Jessica Hoppe, Moritz Lenhart

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