I Fashion Fusion

Concept development and identity design for an international ideas competition initiated by Deutsche Telekom. The codes of beauty meet the beauty of code.

The initiative’s goal is to invite Europe’s most promising talents from fashion and technology to collaborate and to pioneer new forms of technologically enhanced fashion, wearable technologies and everything in between.

With coaches from the nexus of cutting-edge fashion and technology, Deutsche Telekom empowers finalists to develop quality prototypes of their concepts in the Fashion Fusion Lab in Berlin. Afterwards, they present them at an exclusive award show during the Berlin Fashion Week.

Fusion in every detail:


Concept development, creative direction and identity design.


Client: Deutsche Telekom AG
Agency: Mutabor

Team Telekom: Antje Hundhausen, Claudia Hesse, Volker Krön

Mutabor: Merle Düpmeier, Ben Erben, Hojin Kang, Marvin Kasten, Jonas Möllenbeck, Heinrich Paravicini, Nadja Madeleine Rauß, Hagen Reiling, Patrick Vogel

Consulting: Cem Ergün-Müller, Lisa Lang, Marcus Luft, Anita Tillmann
Photography: Yves Borgwardt
Styling: Julia Freitag

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